My Morning Routine

Hey ! I’m Ariane, Montreal-based digital marketing entrepreneur and today i’m gonna take you through my morning routine. People who follow my day-to-day on Instagram are always asking me how I manage to get so much done in a day. Especially how I manage to hit the gym so often. For me it’s always about waking up early and making the most of my morning. 

Step 1 – Checking my calendar and making sure i’m aware of what’s down today. From client meeting, photoshoots, interviews, post-production with an employee and planning our new office it’s easy to forget what my priorities are.

Step 2 – I write my intentions for the day in my 5 minute manager. Once again allowing me to make sure I focus on the right things today.

Step 3 – Pack my bag for the day.

At 7AM i’m at Victoria Park getting my morning circuit done. I keep having to explain this but to me working out is so much more than having a tight body haha it’s my meditation, my stress reliever. I wouldn’t be able to handle my job, my life if it wasn’t from my healthy relationship with fitness.

Finally, I like to have some me-time before I get the day started. I love hitting up Campanelli’s and having a latte while listening to a podcast of chatting up some neighbors.

Spring is here, the sun is a up early and  it’s the perfect time to switch up your routine! Keep your evenings for fun and friends and make your morning productive! I challenge you 🙂

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