Top 5 Business Books

I prefer reading about comedy but these books have completely changed my mind set on where I wanted my business to go.

  1. One-Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard

This little number was a quick read and a quick way to improve my management skills.

2. Built to Sell by John Warrilow

Why the heck am I doing this, I wanna see growh I wanna improve

3. Digital Leader by Erik Qualman

Great tips from epic leaders

4. The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber


5. 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

6. Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk

Top 5 books of the moment

I love podcasts, I love movies but my love for books is undeniable. Although I’ve read my share of business books I have to say that memoirs always inspire me. I love reading real stories from real people I can relate to so in no particular order.

  1. Professional Idiot: A Memoir by Steve-O

I initially ordered this after hearing Joe Rogan interview Steve-O and I was curious to find out more. It’s no surprise that this kid has had an incredible journey but getting to know how he came about becoming “Steve-O” and everything he’s had to overcome in order to be 40 year-old Steve-O today.

2. Sick In the Head by Judd Apatow

I have quite the obsession about what happens once you’ve made it. As humans, we quite naturally always try to motivate ourselves by saying “when this happens, then i’ll be happy” but more often than not it’s not that simple. Hearing Chris Rock share what motivates him to keep challenging himself and face failure when he could easily retire are the types of stories that truly motivate me. In this book, Judd shares his interviews with comedians over the years.

3. Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life by Steve Martin

Passionate from the very beginning…

4. Howard Stern Come’s Again

If you don’t like reading at least get this one as a coffee table book. I personally read it from cover to cover in 2 days. Not only are the interviews interesting but Howard sharing the intimate ways his grown over the years was very interesting.

5. Almost Interesting by David Spade

This was guilty please, I absolutely love this guy. His humour, his tone, you can clearly hear it in his writing. I’ve ready it twice. He just so brutaly honest it’s refreshing.

My Morning Routine

Hey ! I’m Ariane, Montreal-based digital marketing entrepreneur and today i’m gonna take you through my morning routine. People who follow my day-to-day on Instagram are always asking me how I manage to get so much done in a day. Especially how I manage to hit the gym so often. For me it’s always about waking up early and making the most of my morning. 

Step 1 – Checking my calendar and making sure i’m aware of what’s down today. From client meeting, photoshoots, interviews, post-production with an employee and planning our new office it’s easy to forget what my priorities are.

Step 2 – I write my intentions for the day in my 5 minute manager. Once again allowing me to make sure I focus on the right things today.

Step 3 – Pack my bag for the day.

At 7AM i’m at Victoria Park getting my morning circuit done. I keep having to explain this but to me working out is so much more than having a tight body haha it’s my meditation, my stress reliever. I wouldn’t be able to handle my job, my life if it wasn’t from my healthy relationship with fitness.

Finally, I like to have some me-time before I get the day started. I love hitting up Campanelli’s and having a latte while listening to a podcast of chatting up some neighbors.

Spring is here, the sun is a up early and  it’s the perfect time to switch up your routine! Keep your evenings for fun and friends and make your morning productive! I challenge you 🙂

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